Sunday, 3 March 2013

WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SECURITY SYSTEM? More armed intruders have landed - IGP

Sunday, 03 March 2013 22:17
WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SECURITY SYSTEM? More armed intruders have landed - IGP

More armed intruders have landed in Sabah following clashes between Malaysian security personnel and followers of the Sulu Sultanate.
Inspector-general of police Ismail Omar confirmed that the intruders haVE infiltrated two villages in Kunak, a town between Semporna and Lahad Datu - both flashpoints over the past two days.
Ismail said the authorities were alerted late last night that at least ten intruders are present in Kampung Lormalong and Kampung Dasar Lama near Kunak.
"There were sightings of a group of ten men, three of them were in military fatigues similar to those in Kampung Tandou," he told a press conference in Lahad Datu.
He added that security forces have moved in to contain the group within the area and a manhunt is underway.
The two villages affected are Kampung Lomalong and Kampung Dasar Lama.
Meanwhile, in Kampung Tandou, Lahad Datu where the stand-off with over 100 members of the Royal Sulu Army continues, three arrest have been made.
"Yesterday, there was an attempt by three intruders to break the cordon.
"They have now been detained for questioning and investigation," he said.
Asked if Malaysia's offer to deport them still stands or if they would be charged since Malaysian security forces have been killed, Ismail said the police is looking at their options.
"We are detaining them first, but we have several options. We can use the immigration laws or criminal laws," he said. -

Monday, 04 March 2013 08:43
MISHANDLED conflict in Sabah escalates into full-blown crisis
LAHAD DATU - The conflict in Sabah that began with armed intruders from south Philippines landing in Lahad Datu on Feb 12 has escalated into a full-blown crisis.
Bloody clashes erupted over the weekend in at least three new places in the state.
Five more policemen including a special branch superintendent were killed, bringing the security forces’ death toll to eight.
At least two others were wounded in an ambush at Semporna on Saturday.
Following this, the intruders occupied two more villages in Kunak.
Military intelligence revealed that the intruders are highly experienced in jungle guerilla warfare.
Armed Forces chief Tan Sri Zulkifeli Mohd Zin said yesterday that surveillance by the military showed the tactical combat skills of the intruders are good.
“We found that they have positioned themselves well in the jungle and they know we cannot get to them without suffering heavy casualties. However, we have contained them well and they cannot cause much damage. They are trapped.
“This is a delicate situation that takes time to resolve. The sea is also blocked by marine police and the navy. We urge the public to not worry. Go about your business as usual,” he said in a press conference near Kampung Tanduo.
Zulkifeli said two army battalions will arrive in Sabah today to beef up security and restore confidence in the public.
Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar explained that on Saturday, a police team had gone to investigate information of a band of armed men seen at Kampung Sri Jaya Siminul in Semporna, about 60km from here.
“Just when they stepped into the village in the evening on Saturday, they were ambushed and shot at. Five of them were killed.
“The police returned fire and killed two intruders,” he said.
A special crack police team raided the village at 3pm yesterday to rescue 19 police personnel who were trapped following the Saturday ambush.
Ismail said in a press conference at 9pm yesterday all 19 policemen were safe.
He said police also found the body of another fallen policeman, bringing the total of personnel killed in the ambush to six.
“Their identities will be revealed to their respective families before being posted on the official website of the Royal Malaysian Police,” he said.
He said six unidentified bodies believed to be that of the intruders were also recovered from the village.
Ismail said the bodies of the policemen were sent to the Lahad Datu Hospital and arrangements were being made to have it sent to their respective families.
Asked if the 19 policemen were held hostage at the village by the intruders, Ismail said: “There was no hostage situation involving police personnel at any time. As they were ambushed, which saw their colleagues killed, they had to take cover and conceal themselves because the enemy was shooting from everywhere.
“It was only after our strike team went in and secured the place was it safe for the personnel to step out at about 6pm. So the earlier situation has been resolved and all is back to normal in Semporna.”
At the earlier press conference, Ismail said police also received an intelligence report at about 10pm on Saturday that 10 men, three wearing olive-drab military attire and armed with machetes and firearms, were spotted entering Kampung Lormalong and the neighbouring Kampung Dasar Lama in Kunak.
He said another police team was deployed but the intruders escaped and gone into hiding.
He said at Kampung Tanduo, three elderly men who are part of the group were arrested when they ventured into police lines in a bid to escape on Saturday.
“The group has made numerous attempts to escape but they are surrounded and there is no way they can slip out,” said Ismail.
He said details and the identities of the five dead policemen will be released in due course.

Monday, 04 March 2013 08:39

The current armed insurgency in Lahad Datu, Sabah which is spreading to areas such as Semporna and possibly other parts of Sabah is a serious national security concern. All parties involved, the federal government, the Sabah state government and Opposition politicians, must set their priorities right.
Blame game from both the BN and PR is not going to contribute positively to finding a solution to end the fatal and dangerous insurgency
Firstly, this blog supports the call to convene an emergency parliamentary session to discuss the Lahad Datu insurgency and the Sultan Sulu's claim of sovereignty over Sabah. Both sides of the house should show some unity to protect, defend and face any challenges to our national sovereignty and the parliament has to take an immediate action both legally and internationally to ensure that such incident and claim does not repeat again in the future.
Both sides must condemn unscrupulous attempts from unsolicited sources to pin the blame on politicians from both BN and PR. Any attempt to split national opinion and unity over the issue is going to weaken our resolve to protect Malaysia's interest and sovereignty. All who are involved in the fierce political battles leading to the next GE must remember that national interests should transcend all.
Secondly, it is sad to note that some hardcore supporters are calling for more blood bath. Can we achieve a permanent and lasting peace if our armed forces were to move in to the siege territories and annihilate all armed foreign militants? The show of force is one thing but a careful, well planned and articulate strategy to end the conflict is critical. We should consider the livelihood, safety and well-being of our local residents living in Lahad Datu and other affected areas.
Thirdly, the government has duty to keep the nation informed of the current situation. Malaysians have a right to know what is actually happening. Thorough investigations should be conducted but priorities must be set to ensure that the results of the investigations are helping to resolve the conflict and not to make a scapegoat out of some personalities.
Otherwise, we could be making a mountain out of a mole hill. -