Monday, 4 March 2013

What’s in FB on Sulu’s invasion in Sabah …

What’s in FB on Sulu’s invasion in Sabah …

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1,000,000 Chinese dont want MCA to represent the Chinese
Takziah to our heroes who die defending our nation.RIP

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the requirements this idiot said was to be the terrorists who then helped their fellow Sulu terrorists from Phillipines to kill our policemen.

You help me… I give you IC
G Vinod | January 24, 2013
A Youtube video, uploaded recently, pokes fun at Project IC showing Bangladeshis waving MyKads, with Najib's infamous “You help me, I help you” quote played repeatedly.
PETALING JAYA: After creating parody videos on a pro-Umno woman, Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin, talking down on undergraduate, KS Bawani, Internet users have now set their eyes on “Project IC” and Barisan Nasional.
In a Youtube video, video maker Nasi Kandar 1957 alleged that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is giving out citizenships to foreigners to retain power in exchange for votes.
“While former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had given citizenships to thousands of foreigners in Sabah to stay in power, Najib is now doing the same in the whole country,” said the video maker.
The video, which runs for about 50 seconds, starts off with Najib’s infamous “You help me and I help you” quote which was said at the Sibu by-election in 2010.
With the narration going on, several Bangladeshis shown in the video are seen smiling while waving MyKads, presumably getting them after helping BN.

Nasi Kandar 1957 posted a comment saying that Mahathir had altered the demographics of Sabah in order to retain BN in power.
“Our fate is now decided by someone who does not belong here. Our government ‘help’ them to gain citizenship, and they ‘help’ the ruling party to win the election.
“Najib is doing the same thing now! What is the point to have election then? Where is our right to choose our future?
“Change now, save Malaysia. Please share this video to your family members and friends,” said the video maker.

20 years ago, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, was systematically granting of citizenship to illegal immigrants by giving them identi...

Tengok, malunya kita Malaysia! Dua biji telurMalaysia sudah hilang ke?

End Sabah clash in ‘brotherly way’, MNLF warns Putrajaya

The MNLF has warned that many more Filipinos in Sabah were sympathetic to the Sultan of Sulu’s cause. — Reuters pic
KUALA LUMPUR, March 4 ― A Filipino separatist group has cautioned Putrajaya against sending more troops to Sabah, and called for the United Nations (UN) and Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) to intervene in the standoff there that has turned deadly, Manila-based paper The Philippine Star reported today.
The call was made by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), who also offered itself as the mediator between the Malaysian government and the Sultanate of Sulu, but which insisted that the Philippine government should be excluded from the dialogue.
MNLF chief Nur Misuari also warned Datuk Seri Najib Razak against persecuting people of Moro descent in Sabah, asking the prime minister to “please tone down his voice”.
“The blood of our brothers in Sabah is sacred,” Misuari said here.
“I hope Najib will not persecute our civilians in Sabah as it will trigger bigger trouble and it will drag us into war, and I don’t like that.”
Misuari, who claimed that his grandnephew is a relative of Najib’s, asked for the conflict to be resolved in a “brotherly way... to the best interest of everybody.”
The MNLF leader also admitted that some of the men involved in the armed incursion were his relatives and the front’s members, but has denied instigating the conflict.
“How can that be? I was in Africa for more than a month with my wife and I have nothing to do with the move of the sultan,” he said, adding that sending “only 200” armed men is not “his style”.
He then reiterated his clan’s claim over Sabah and Sarawak, calling the states “original properties of his great, great grandfather”.
Two days ago, a MNLF leader had warned that the Lahad Datu standoff could widen into a civil war engulfing Sabah, since more than 8,500 Filipinos, mostly Tausugs or Suluk tribesmen, were residing in Sabah and potential supporters of the Sultanate of Sulu.
“I am afraid there will be a civil war in Sabah because thousands of Bangsamoro are residing in Sabah,” Gapul Hajirul, political chief of MNLF said.
“Our Tausug brothers and sisters of Sulu and the Samals in Tawi-Tawi were saddened and are hurting by the turn of the events,” he was quoted as saying.