Sunday, 14 April 2013

Chua networks with Indians, Malays in Segamat

P.140 Segamat (13th General Election on May 5, 2013)
46,262 (20,093/43.43% Malays; 21,393/46.24% Chinese; 4,641/10.03% Indians)
Vote for Change, for our children’s future
Chua networks with Indians, Malays in Segamat

Discussion and briefing with Indian supporters and campaigners in Jementah.

SEGAMAT (April 12, 2013): After two days and nights of walkabouts, Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng today started networking with the Indian communities here today.
Chua has garnered the support of three teams of Indians, with a fourth in the making.
These teams will not only help Chua in his campaign trails until May 4, they will also work as the eyes and ears for the P.140 Segamat candidate who is also PKR vice-chairman.
The will also on house-to-house campaigns to keep the Indians informed of the need to vote for PKR for a change in both state and federal governments.
They will also explain to the Indian communities on both national and local issues, and how PKR can be expected to resolve their woes when Pakatan Rakyat PR) is given the mandate to govern after the 13th General Election on May 5.
Chua also made an impromptu meeting with local PAS community leaders to discuss networking and campaign to make inroads into Felda and Felcra communities.

Top: A senior citizen on her motorcycle stops to greet Chua and accepts a PR flyer. Above: A Malay family having breakfast is greeted by Chua.

Chua and his campaigners and supporters, including from the DAP, kicked off the morning campaign trail at the Kampung Abdullah wet market, extending and receiving warm handshakes from the people outside and inside the market at 8.30am.

A photo session at the requests of the people.

At 10am, Chua and his team headed to the nearby Nam Yuen coffee shop where they had breakfast after shaking hands with those present in the favourite hangout of Opposition supporters.
They then took a short rest in a home stay and left for Buloh Kasap to meet a group of Indian supporters for a late lunch at 4.30pm.
The supporters briefed Chua on the local issues, why they do not support MIC and Chua also suggested strategies on how to explain to their communities why they should support change.

The scenes at the Gemas Baru pasar malam.

At 6pm, Chua and his team rushed to the Gemas Baru pasar malam (night market) where he again received warm responses from the villagers of mixed races.
After an hour, Chua and his team headed for Jementah where Chua briefed a group of 25 Indian supporters on the various national issues and PR’s manifesto so that they are able to explain clearly to their communities.
Among the issues that Chua touched on were:
Ø The Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) is today a racist government;
Ø On the plight of the stateless Indians and how the Anwar Ibrahim-led PR was prepared to resolve their woes; and
Ø The one million instant citizenships granted to foreigners.
After an hour-long briefing, Chua left for a quick meeting with a group of Chinese supporters at a nearby coffee shop.
Chua and his team then returned to join the Indians at the dinner in Restoran Seng Kee.
This was followed by the impromptu meeting with PAS leaders and supporters in Segamat, ending the day and night-long campaign trail just before the stroke of midnight.
More pix of Chua’s campaign trail throughout the day and night: