Thursday, 18 April 2013

‘Save yourselves from financial and economic ruin’

P.140 Segamat (13th General Election on May 5, 2013)
46,262 (20,093/43.43% Malays; 21,393/46.24% Chinese; 4,641/10.03% Indians)
Vote for Change, for our children’s future

‘Save yourselves from financial and economic ruin’

Chua delivering his ceramah on a decorated lorry.

SEGAMAT (April 17, 2013): Johor PKR chairman Chua Jui Meng says Malaysians, especially Johoreans, must help themselves and save Malaysia from financial and economic ruin.
“When Abdullah (Ahmad Badawi) took over from Mahathir (Mohamed) as prime minister in 2008, he whispered to me that Mahathir had left him an empty federal treasury.
“The federal debt was then only about RM250 billion. Today, it is said to be at more than RM800 billion.
“We are all living off from borrowings. We cannot allow the corrupt Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) to continue with its plundering ways and lead us to untold economic sufferings,” he said at an impromptu ceramah in Pekan Jabi tonight.

A common scene at a pasar malam whenever Chua goes on his walkabout to shake hands with the people. Chinese, Malays and Indians would request for photorgraphs to be taken with him.

Chua said Johoreans would be able to bring about changes in state and federal governments by joining others in the peninsula for a bigger political tsunami than the last general election.
“After 55 years, it is clear Umno cannot change its corrupt ways or reform for the better. After five years, you can see how clean Pakatan Rakyat (PR) state governments manage and deliver for the people,” he added.
Chua, who is also PKR vice-president, said Malaysians would end up with fast rising cost of living “if the BN is returned to power”.
“A BN government is waiting to implement the GST and raise the price of oil up to RM2.60 per litre for RON95. This will trigger a domino inflationary effect on all goods and services,” he added.

Chua introducing himself to a Malay eatery operator in Pekan Jabi.

Chua said he joined PKR in 2009 not for position but “because I truly believe that I need to help reform this country for my 10 grandchildren’s future”.
“We must realise a two-party system for a secure future. I left MCA after failing to convince its members to support me for reformation.
“Anwar (Ibrahim) then approached me and convinced me to join him in his political reform movement. I am most impressed with his commitment to lead a clean government that cares for Malaysians.
“Anwar has also been consistent in his promise that the PR government will do away with all race-based policies and be a prime minister for all Malaysians.
“By doing away with race-based policies and with a relatively corrupt-free government, we will be able to fast track genuine economic growth for all Malaysians because of savings from leakages and foreign investor confidence,” he added.
Chua today spent five hours (10am to 3pm) meeting and discussing campaign strategies and activities with various groups of supporters and volunteers, and inspecting the progress of the Segamat-Sekijang joint main elections operations centre in Taman Utama, off Jalan Buloh Kasap.
The centre comprises two three-storey shop lots, believed to be the biggest in Johor.
He also went on a two-hour-long walkabout at Pekan Jabi and the Pasar Malam before delivering his ceramah.
Here are the pictures for the day and night: