Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Read this to prevent polling abuse‏

Read this to prevent polling abuse‏

Dear All,

Previous emails teaching voters to identify hidden dots and markings
did not include warnings about smudges which can be caused by
indelible ink which will be used in the May

When a voter's identification details have been read out by Kerani 1,
voter will then move to kerani 2 who will mark one finger with
indelible ink. He/she then moves to kerani 3 where the ballot paper
will be torn from the booklet and folded.

Please be aware that the indelible ink takes 30 seconds to dry and
when the folded ballot paper is opened with both hands, there is a
great likelihood that this ballot paper will become smudged and
therefore rendered as a spoiled vote.

 To prevent this happening, instruct kerani 3 not to fold your ballot
paper so you can check it for markings straight away. Make sure you
handle the ballot paper only with your right hand as the left hand
finger has indelible ink that is still wet. Move to ballot station and
mark X in the box of your chosen candidate with your right hand
without handling anything with your left hand.

Note: It has been suggested to SPR to have the bottles of indelible
ink at kerani 4's desk after the vote is cast and the voter dips the
finger in before leaving the voting station but SPR is not in favour
of adopting this suggestion.

I'm giving a link below to help you understand better the process.

EP05b Explanation Pendidikan Pengundi - Voter's Education - The Hidden Dot/Titik Tersembunyi