Sunday, 28 April 2013

PR leaders are "CLASS A" leaders, stop making Malays fear the Chinese - Mat Tyson slams Umno

Sunday, 28 April 2013 09:27
PR leaders are "CLASS A" leaders, stop making Malays fear the Chinese - Mat Tyson slams Umno

UMNO’s war general in 2008 Muhammad Muhammad Taib, now a PAS member, has called on Malays to support DAP and not to be carried away by UMNO’s propaganda.
According to the former Selangor Menteri Besar, many young leaders in Pakatan Rakyat will ensure that Malaysia is in safe hands.
“If you give leaders like Tony Pua, Rafizi Ramli ... these young leaders, I’ll tell you the government agencies will be safe in their hands,” Mat Taib was quoted as saying by The Malaysian Insider.
Mat Taib described DAP, long depicted as anti-Malay by UMNO leaders, is a party ready to jointly govern Malaysia with emerging young leaders who put public interests above all else.
Along with PAS leaders Mohamad Sabu and Husam Musa, Mat Taib expressed confidence that PR is ready to take Malaysia to new heights.
“These are Class A leaders... I am telling you PAS-DAP-PKR are ready to take over as the new government,” he told a ceramah held deep in the Paya Jaras Hilir village in Selangor.
On BN’s attempt to instill fear among Malay voters of a “Chinese takeover” should PR win, Mat Taib said such ideas were false.
“They are trying to scare the Malays by saying the DAP is trying to control the government. It’s like trying to scare your children by crying out ‘ghost’. There is no ghost. We just want to scare our children. The Malays shouldn’t be scared,” he stressed, as quoted by The Malaysian Insider.
While a section of PR supporters have criticised Mat Taib's participation in its campaign against BN, many see the latest defection by a senior UMNO leader as a major victory for PR, especially in winning the Malay support in rural areas long considered as UMNO strongholds.