Friday, 15 March 2013

PM Najib Abdul Razak Bapa Hutang

PM Najib Abdul Razak Bapa Hutang
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Najib should be known as Bapa Hutang!
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Visuals found in facebook

Visuals found in facebook
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I just LOVE this! Lol!


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'Dithering' Najib most likely to dissolve Parliament on March 25 - Kit Siang

Friday, 15 March 2013 14:30
'Dithering' Najib most likely to dissolve Parliament on March 25 - Kit Siang
Written by  Lim Kit Siang

The most probable date for the long-awaited dissolution of the 12th Parliament is Monday, March 25 although it could be earlier in the next ten days or even later.
The automatic dissolution of the Negri Sembilan State Assembly on midnight on 26th March 2013 should under ordinary circumstances be the last cut-off date for the dissolution of Parliament, but these are not ordinary times, and Parliament can be dissolved earlier in the next 10 days or even later, exhausting another 32 days to lead up to the unprecedented automatic dissolution of Parliament on midnight April 27, 2013.
New PM already!
It is precisely because these are not ordinary times that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has put the country for nearly four long years on an election mode ever since he became the sixth Prime Minister on April 3, 2009, spending more time campaigning to get an elected mandate of his own instead of uniting and inspiring Malaysians with an overarching vision and governing the country efficiently and professionally, with integrity and full commitment to democracy, human rights and the environment.
If we are in ordinary times, the 13th general elections would have been held already and Malaysians would have known whether Najib has finally his own mandate to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia or whether Malaysia has got a new Pakatan Rakyat federal government in Putrajaya with a new Prime Minister in the person of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
But after the 12th Parliament has exceeded its five-year natural life on March 8, 2013, raising grave questions about the legitimacy of the Najib premiership and Cabinet, the Prime Minister in his “Conversation with the PM” over television on Tuesday could still be pleading for “More time needed to show results before polls” (Bernama).
How long more does Najib really need to enable him to show the success of his four-year National Transformation Programme when recently weeks have furiously produced one example after another of the abject failures of his alleged “transformation” agenda.
Muhyiddin has made a fool of Najib's 1Malaysia
For instance, the Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said today that it is OK to show the May 13 film “Tanda Putera” behind closed doors - not to the general public but to a certain group only.
In one fell swoop, Muhyiddin has done two things:
> Made an utter mockery of the Cabinet by destroying the integrity and credibility of the Ministers who decided last November that the publicly-funded RM5 million film was “inappropriate” to be screened to the Malaysian public because of its racist, unfactual and unhistorical portrayal of the causes of May 13 riots of 1969; and
> Demolished the legitimacy of Najib’s signature 1Malaysia policy to create a Malaysia where Malaysians regard themselves first as Malaysians and their race, religion, region and socio-economic status second.
Most indecisive PM ever
It is sad Najib does not seem to realise that he totally lacked credibility and conviction when he said in “Conversation with the PM” that he needs more time to show the success of his national transformation agenda to achieve Vision 2020, as Malaysians are being shown more and more examples of the failures of the Vision 2020, with even former Prime Minister, Tun Mahathir, the “Father of Vision 2020”, coming out openly against the most important Vision 2020 objective of a Bangsa Malaysia!
The seven-hour marathon meeting yesterday between the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and the Barisan Nasional Secretary-General Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor on the one hand and the Barisan Nasional leaders and Barisan Nasional Chief Ministers and Mentris Besar is an indication that it is unlikely that Najib wants to invite further ridicule as the most indecisive PM in the nation’s history who is afraid to face voters by going all the way to automatic dissolution of Parliament on April 27.
Finally, the battle of the century in the 13GE should begin in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Lim Kit Siang is the DAP adviser & MP for Ipoh Timur - Malaysia Chronicle

Thursday, 14 March 2013

DID SPECIAL BRANCH KNOW? Why did Najib allow intruders to set up base & attack us from within - Gobind

Thursday, 14 March 2013 20:33
DID SPECIAL BRANCH KNOW? Why did Najib allow intruders to set up base & attack us from within - Gobind
Written by  Gobind Singh Deo

PM Dato Seri Najib Razak says the Lahad Datu terrorist intrusion is a wake up call. He says we must be better prepared to face external threats, and that we cannot take security for granted. As such, there is a need for us to ensure our forces are well trained, well equipped and prepared to deal with incidents of this nature in future.
No one would disagree with the PM that matters of security should be given top priority.
But the PM cannot run away from the fact that there is also a serious need for us to examine why it is we left ourselves so vulnerable, so much so that these so called terrorists were allowed to set up fort in our country and attack us from within.
It is no secret that we have the special branch, an organization which penetrates the grounds, moving with the masses and looking out for subversive elements or anything that poses a threat to national security. They are said to be amongst the best in the world.
So how does the PM explain what happened in Lahad Datu?
How did a group of 150 to 200 men quietly land on our shores without being noticed? How did they arm themselves to the hilt with weapons without being noticed? And how did they hole themselves up in a village preparing for war without being noticed? Did the special branch not know about it at all?
Did they really know about it?
On the reverse is the argument that they actually knew about it. If that is the case, then why wasn't anything done about it?
So whilst the PM speaks about the need to boost security, why does he ignore the equally important aspect of accountability, namely the need for those who allowed this to happen to be dealt with as well?
The PM cannot ignore the fact that what happened in Lahad Datu is most serious in nature. He must tell us what exactly happened and he must reassure us that it will not happen again.
The PM must tell us whether our special branch and our government had knowledge of the build up of these terrorists in Lahad Datu and if yes, why wasn't the problem dealt with earlier? Why did we allow the enemy to set up base and attack us from within?
MP Puchong
Published by Malaysia Chronicle

Bahaya untuk rakyat Sabah

Bahaya untuk rakyat Sabah
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Pendedahan Bekas Ketua Menteri Yang Tak Disiarkan Utusan, RTM Dan TV3..

Bekas ketua menteri Sabah Tan Sri Harris Salleh mendakwa mendapat maklumat bahawa polis menjalankan operasi merampas dan memusnahkan dokumen pengenalan diri yang diberikan kepada masyarakat Suluk di negeri itu.

Laporan portal berita Daily Express menyebut, Harris mengutus surat kepada Menteri Dalam Negeri Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein agar menghentikan operasi ke atas masyarakat Suluk di Lahad Datu dan Semporna itu.

Menurut laporan itu, Harris mendakwa diminta berbuat demikian oleh beberapa orang pemimpin masyarakat tersebut.

"Pemimpin Suluk ini melaporkan bahawa polis mengambil kad pengenalan mereka dan dokumen IMM3 (orang Suluk) dan memusnahkannya.

“Ini tidak wajar bagi pasukan polis Malaysia. Perbuatan ini bertentangan dengan apa jua tamadun yang diketahui, mahupun dari segi agama, undang-undang dan dasar kerajaan Malaysia,” katanya seperti dipetik dalam laporan itu.

Harris dalam laporan itu juga berkata, polis tidak berkuasa untuk memusnahkan apa-apa dokumen kerajaan persekutuan.

“Mereka hanya boleh berbuat demikian selepas mendapat pengesahan daripada Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara,” katanya lagi.

Tindakan itu juga akan menimbulkan lebih banyak permusuhan di antara orang Suluk dan Sabah, tambahnya.

Kenyataannya itu timbul susulan dakwaan dilaporkan media Filipina mengenai dakwaan pelanggaran hak asasi yang dilakukan pasukan keselamatan Malaysia dalam operasi di pantai timur Sabah.

Menteri Pertahanan Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi pada hari Selasa lalu menafikan dakwaan seperti itu, yang disiarkan Inquirer Global Nation.

Dalam laporan itu, seorang rakyat Filipina mendakwa pasukan keselamatan Malaysia mengheret lelaki Filipina keluar dari rumah mereka di Sandakan, Sabah dan menyuruh mereka berlari sekuat hati sebelum menembak mereka. - Malaysiakini
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