Friday, 1 March 2013

Najib, BN, don’t have the courage to debate PR’s manifesto

Najib, BN, don’t have the courage to debate PR’s manifesto
By Chua Jui Meng

Chua explaining the details of PR’s election manifesto in his ceramah in Johor’s Tanjong Gading, Ledang, on March 1, 2013.

BARISAN Nasional (BN) does not have the courage and the intelligence to counter rationally with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) over PR’s election manifesto that was unveiled on Feb 25, 2013.
BN only uses rhetoric and adjectives to dismiss PR’s manifesto as impractical, dangerous, empty promises, ruining and bankrupting the nation, among many other unsubstantiated accusations.
However, BN fails to provide any sound argument, details and basis on the contents of the manifesto to back their criticisms based on the contents of the manifesto.
There is also no response when Prime Minister cum Finance Minister Najib Abdul Razak is challenged to debate with PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim to debate the manifesto.
Why are the Najib and Umno-led BN behaving as such?
Because they know PR is able to implement and fulfill its electoral promises and therefore cannot possibly articulate intelligently and convincingly to rubbish PR manifesto.
They know PR can implement the election manifesto when it comes to power but BN cannot.
BN is unable to come up with such a people-centric manifesto because of its corrupt ways and enrichment agenda.
The bulk of the country’s annual revenue, now highly dependent on borrowings, is allocated to fund grandiose mega projects that enrich BN, especially Umno, cronies.
This is in contrast with PR’s election manifesto that focuses on empowering the people for nation building.
PR’s Manifesto Rakyat (People’s Manifesto), themed Pakatan Harapan Rakyat (People’s Hope in Pakatan), is based on a four-prong action plan to help reshape and the thrust of the nation’s socio-economic growth.
It is aimed at fast tracking the people and Malaysia’s growth by implementing fiscal policies that empower the rakyat and their interest, not that of political cronies.
Top of the manifesto’s agenda are the measures to ensure The People’s Well-Being. Listed are measures that are easy to understand and self-explanatory why they will fulfill the aspirations and hopes of a thriving rakyat:
Ø Lower oil prices;
Ø Lower electricity charges;
Ø Lower water charges;
Ø Abolish tolls;
Ø Abolish monopolies;
Ø Lower car prices;
Ø 150,000 affordable and comfortable housing;
Ø National Housing Corporation: investing RM5 billion in the first year and RM2 billion a year after to build affordable and comfortable housing;
Ø Free education for all, abolishing PTPTN;
Ø Eliminate AES, revoking AES summonses;
Ø Justice for Felda settlers;
Ø Increase police capability solving crime;
Ø Free ward service to all citizens in all government hospitals for class 2 and 3 wards; and
Ø Social welfare assistance increased to RM550 a month.

An enthusiastic PR supporter turns the tables on Barisan Nasional (BN)’s latest “I Love PM” gimmick. His “edited” banner is “I Love New PM Anwar”.” PR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim also delivered a ceramah to Johoreans in Ledang. His message is to ignore and not to believe the lies being spun by BN’s controlled print and electronic media on the so-called disunity in PR and the rubbishing of PR’s election manifesto. Anwar said the BN only rubbishes and condemns the manifesto that was prepared over the past year with economists and the consensus of the DAP, PAS and PKR.

The other three focuses in the manifesto are The Fraternity Of The People, The People’s Economy and People’s Government.
The details of the PR manifesto are now available online. You have a choice to view the summary or full manifesto, in Bahasa Malaysia, English, Chinese, Tamil, Iban or Kadazan.
Just click the URL link below: