Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Malaysians, look at China’s transformation

Malaysians, look at China’s transformation
By Chua Jui Meng
Sungai Ruan community at Chua’s ceramah outside Raub PKR’s office on Jan 14, 2013.

Look at China today. It has progressed so fast, overtaking Japan, because it embraced change. It is today the richest government in the world.
China’s success is due to a little man by the name of Deng Xiaoping who dared to campaign for reformation in a small fishing village called Shenzen in 1979, doing away with communist policies to embrace an open market economy.
He was supported by the people who had the courage and foresight to initiate change for a better future.
After 34 years, China can proudly reiterate what Deng said: “To be rich is to be glorious.”
What is Malaysia’s financial standing in the world after 55 years?
So, Malaysians, especially the Malays, must muster the courage to go for change in the next general election for a more secure and prosperous future.
And that Malaysian who can do and achieve the same as China is Anwar Ibrahim.
After 55 years of being misled and enslaved by Umno, the majority of rural and urban Malays continue to live in poverty or at best in the middle-income trap.
Only the Umno chieftains, their families and cronies are multi-billionaires or multi-millionaires.
Clearly, the New Economic Policy (NEP) has been hijacked, manipulated and exploited by Umno to serve its wealth accumulation agenda until today.
And the NEP has been extended till 2020 with the support and consent of the MCA and MIC and all other BN component parties without consultation with the rakyat.
Anwar has said that should he become prime minister, he would do away with race-based policies to fast track Malaysia’s socio-economic growth.
Instead of moving forward with change like China, Umno continues to flog the NEP at the expense of the wealth of Malays and the country.
Tukar Dynasti, Tukar Raja Raja Umno Yang Berlagak Lebih Tinggi Dari Sultan (Change The Dynasty, Change The Umno Kings Who Behave Above The Sultans).
Sometwo million Malaysian Chinese have migrated over the years and never to return because they are unable to tolerate Umno’s discriminatory racial and religious politics.
If Umno don’t fall in the next 13th General Election, there will be no socio-economic progress for Malaysia.
Malaysians need to change the government after 55 years for a better tomorrow.
The growing crowds at Pakatan Rakyat (PR) ceramahs in Barisan Nasional (BN) stronghold states, like Sabah, Sarawak, Johor and Pahang are clear signs that the rakyat is growing restless with BN’s corrupt and incompetent ways in managing the country’s wealth.
The Malays, Chinese and Indians are turning up by thousands at our political rallies.
The recently concluded highly successful mammoth Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat Kuala Lumpur (Kuala Lumpur Peoples’ Uprising) rally in Merdeka Stadium is a warning to BN-Umno to behave gentlemanly and honestly in administrating the country.

Chua and other Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders at the ceramah in Sungai Ruan, Raub, in Pahang on Jan 14, 2013.

BN-Umno must face reality that the political scenario and the rakyat’s hopes and aspirations today are entirely different compared with the 1960s.
The people are more educated and informed because of wider and faster access to information in a borderless digital Information Communications Technology (ICT).
BN-Umno’s continuous use of sensitive racial and religious issues to divide Malaysians is causing much damage to healthy socio-development.
No government can survive if it is unable to change with the times to remain relevant.

Chua … Malaysians grappling with rising costs of living.

Malaysians are today grappling with rising costs of living because of BN-Umno’s greed and incompetent handling of the country’s wealth and economy.
A simple example is the retail price of oil. We are an oil producing country and there is no valid reason why the price should be higher than, say Brunei.
It is because of the price of oil that transport costs had shot up, triggering a domino effect on the prices of essentials and food.
Education determines the quality of our manpower which is crucial to a country’s economic progress and ability to attract investors.
So, why can’t the government provide free education to Malaysian children?
PR is committed to bringing about such change via non-race based policies that can fast track socio-economic growth for Malaysia.