Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Umno-led BN still treating Indians as pariahs

Umno-led BN still treating Indians as pariahs

A delighted Chua receiving the 500 application forms from Gelang Patah Indians to join PKR.

GELANG PATAH (Jan 6, 2013): The Umno-led Barisan Nasional (BN) federal government’s refusal to withdraw the Interlock shows the Indian community in Malaysia is still being treated as pariahs.
“The way the corrupt evil racist Umno has been behaving the past 55 years, sidelining the welfare of the Indian community with the aid of MIC, must now be the main concern of Indians," Johor PKR chairman Chua Jui Meng said in a ceramah outside the Gelang Patah PKR office tonight.
“Malaysians must not hesitate to unite as one to bring down an evil and unjust regime,” he said in the ceramah which also saw Chua receiving 500 application forms from the Gelang Patah Indian community to join PKR.
This has beefed up the Gelang Patah PKR’s new Indian members to more than 1,000 in the past one year.
Chua (left) and other PR leaders at the Gelang Patah PKR ceramah.

He said the BN-MIC government’s refusal to resolve the 300,000 stateless Indians’ woes swiftly was a clear indication of BN-MIC’s insincerity to look after the community.
“MIC only knows how to apple polish Umno for a share of the gravy train. It has not only failed to help or safeguard the rights of the Indian community, it has also hijacked the millions of ringgit worth of Telekom shares allocated to the Indians via Maika,” he added.
“Remember 12.12.12 when Indian Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Indian leaders like lawyer N.Surendran and others and I went to the Putrajaya National Registration Department to try to help the stateless Indians?
“Instead of joining us to support the plight of the stateless Indians, the MIC gangsters, just like the Umno Mat Rempits, were deployed to intimidate us,” Chua said.
“What shame has MIC brought upon themselves?” he added.

Chua … Umno insults Indians as beggars.

Chua said Umno insulted the Indian community by saying that Indians had migrated to Malaysia as beggars.
“I say it was the Indians who came to help contribute to nation building. They are the ones who contribute to the construction of the peninsula’s rail link,” he added.
Chua urged the Indians to join others, like the Sabahans and Chinese, to dump BN in the next 13th General Election.
“This is the only way to ensure a healthy socio-economic progress for Malaysians and Malaysia,” Chua said.