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A breakdown in Malaysian policing and defence

A breakdown in Malaysian policing and defence

Sebagai pemimpi tertinggi negara, mengapa Najib mendiamkan diri saja? Sudah melebihi 14 hari tentera Sulu menceroboh Sabah tapi masalah tetap tidak selesai. Terbukti BN lemah & tidak berupaya mempertahankan tanah air kita......Tukar !

Our Malaysia police force is really stupid. All they know is to hide behind trees and under bridges to nab speeding traffic. They are absolutely useless and nothing but bullies. Recently, just before the Chinese New Year holidays started, they dropped some leaflets into our letter box and requested us to inform the nearest police station of our absence during the holidays. I bumped into my neighbour who quipped, " Inform the police while we are away ? Not in a million years. I don't trust them "

Sadly, this is the state of affairs in the country. If the people cannot put their trust in the police force, there is no more hope for security. If things don't improve, matters will get worse. We are regressing … sigh …

I remembered those days when I was a reporter in the crime beat. The police, with whom I mixed with daily, was tough, fair and firm. They were still corrupted then, as with in most countries, but at least they were honourable in their dealings. They gave some leeway to some underground elements with the returns of catching bigger culprits. They labelled them as informers and opened up informers file on them and there were rules governing the leeway given.

Someone high above abused the system to their personal advantage and the police force becomes what it is today - cowardly with no sense of knowing what is right and what is wrong.

The police farce in Lahad Datu — Donald Pinto
FEBRUARY 26, 2013
FEB 26 — How incredible can this be? The police treat some 100 armed militants with kid gloves but accuse a Filipino reporter with Al Jazeera's English service of being a spy with the "Royal Sulu Sultanate Army".
The media reported today Jamela Alindongan was accused several times of working with the self-styled army while being questioned by unidentified Special Branch officers.
Despite Alindongan showing them her employee ID, she was questioned for two-and-a-half hours, the longest among the three Al Jazeera crew detained in the sea off Tanjung Labian village, near the Lahad Datu standoff between Malaysian security forces and Sulu sultanate supporters, on February 20.
Can the police explain this? How do you treat one unarmed person this way but give almost-royal treatment to this rag-tag bunch of armed men.
At best, they are invaders, at worst just a bunch of pirates who have been treated too well too long.
This is embarrassing for Malaysians. We have a police force which can't tell the difference between what is dangerous and what is harmless.
How much more do the police want to shame us with this farcical behaviour?
They can't chase a group of men from Malaysian territory but they will play rough with a journalist.
We need a higher standard for our police force, not this farce of a police who can't keep peace and security in every part of Malaysia.
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Following · 9 minutes ago
Armed "Royal Military" gunman holed-up in Lahad Datu for the third week, confirmed reports of gunfire about 24 hours ago but claimed that they were merely shots to warn off the Malaysian security forces.

Azzimudie Kiram, the brother Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, told Malaysiakini that a sentry spied six Malaysian soldiers approaching Kampung Tanduo some 130km from Lahad Datu town at around 5pm yesterday and fired into the air.

"Everybody jumped and went there, so I followed. When I arrived, I asked him (the sentry) what had happened.

"They told me that the shots were aimed at the sky to warn them that they have been spotted. According to them there were six Malaysian soldiers in three groups and they ran away," he said over the phone.