Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Stop lying, Mahathir — Othman Wahab

Stop lying, Mahathir — Othman Wahab
February 26, 2013
FEB 26 — Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad does protest too much. He says all this talk by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition about him and nepotism is slander and that he is clean and his sons are self-made businessmen.
I can only imagine that mixing around with the likes of Datuk Ibrahim Ali has made the former prime minister believe that all Malaysians have the IQ of Ibrahim.
The simple reality is that we don’t need Anwar to tell us what we know about you. All we need to do is remember the crony capitalism which you promoted, bumped up IPP contracts for certain cronies, a sweetheart deal to take over the national airline by another crony (who incidentally had a string of legal suits against him by government entities miraculously settled because he knew too much about your dealings and promises to him), the bailout of Konsortium Perkapalan during the financial crisis by MISC.
Oh yes, we also remember your pathetic performance at the Royal Commission of Inquiry on the Lingam video where you suddenly had amnesia. But thankfully the commissioners saw through your act and named you and your friends (Lingam and Vincent Tan) as parties who subverted the course of justice.
Mahathir, you have never declared your assets to Malaysians. We still don’t know how you bought that nice home in the Mines or why is it that the likes of Syed Mokhtar and others love lending their private jets to you or taking you on six-star holidays jaunts.
You say that your children are self-made businessmen. Can you let us know how Mokhzani became a businessman in the first place, the Tongkah deals, etc. And what about Mirzan (congrats on becoming a shareholder of San Miguel... burp). And what about young Mukhriz. By all accounts, he is not a smart chap but he does own a palatial home in Bukit Tunku.
Yes, why don’t you pen the rags-to-riches story of your boys. I don’t even mind if they are sold in the fiction section.
Anwar Ibrahim and the opposition are not guilty of slander: they are only guilty of telling Malaysians what fools we have been to believe your lies all these years.
The true story of Mahathir and his boys can only be unearthed after Malaysia has a change of a political system. How about it, Malaysians?
* Othman Wahab reads The Malaysian Insider.