Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Malaysians should not fear voting for PR even if I am not PM - Anwar

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 11:51
Malaysians should not fear voting for PR even if I am not PM - Anwar
Written by  Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim denied there was any power tussle going on within the top leadership in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, saying the people should not hesitate to vote for the opposition regardless of whom was chosen to be the prime minister.
"Not true. (Who becomes prime minister) was never raised as an issue. In 2008, was there any announcement that Anwar would be PM? We work on consensus," Anwar told a press conference on Tuesday.
"I don't why the people should feel this way," he added, when asked if it was true the PR could lose some of its attraction for voters if he was not selected to be the PM.
Glue that binds the PR parties
The 64-year-old Anwar is widely accepted to be the glue that binds the 3 PR parties of PKR, PAS and DAP. A former deputy prime minister and high-flying finance minister, he has the most experience in government. More than that, Anwar is also famous for his special charisma and ability to connect to the ordinary folk.
The media storm over a purported dispute between Anwar, who is also the PKR adviser, and Hadi Awang, the PAS president, over who should lead the government if PR won the 13th general election hit a crescendo on Monday, when the PR unveiled a multi-pronged people-friendly manifesto.
NamedThe People's Hope, the manifesto has drawn praise for its broad-based programs, and marks the first time the Opposition in the country has beaten the government in unveiling its plans and promises to voters.

Umno is concerned
Unwittingly, the hue and cry raised by Prime Minister Najib Razak's Umno-BN coalition and the media they control actually underscores the concern they feel about their chances in GE13, which is expected to be called within weeks.
"There is a lot of concern, Umno is concerned but not PR," Anwar said.
He also pointed out that "even in the BN manifesto, there is no mention of who is to be prime minister."
While still the underdog, PR is now increasingly rated by many analysts as having more than an even chance of wresting the federal government. Nonetheless, Anwar has cautioned PR leaders and supporters against over-confidence.
In his speech at the manifesto's launching, he called on his coalition mates to face GE13 with "great humility" as it was "clear there was still massive electoral fraud going on".