Thursday, 21 February 2013

Boo RECANTS, admits his statement against Jui Meng caused "UNNECESSARY ANXIETY"

Friday, 22 February 2013 13:46
Boo RECANTS, admits his statement against Jui Meng caused "UNNECESSARY ANXIETY"
Written by  Boo Cheng Hau

First I would like to thank Sdr Karpal Singh, Sdr Lim Guan Eng and Sdr Tan Kok Wai for their advice, support and understanding in the past few days towards my statement alerting PR relationship in Johor.
I also thank Sdr Lim Kit Siang for his wisdom and guidance in the matter.
I hope to close the unfortunate chapter in a swift manner in order to concentrate on the next GE.
I would like to say that my statement might have cause unnecessary anxiety within PR and our supporters especially in Johor.
I would accept all criticism with an open heart and wish to see solidarity within PR to continue.
I would like to reassure that Johor DAP will give our full support, cooperation, and selfless devotion to PKR and PAS Johor to fulfill the dream to have change in Johor and Malaysia.
No safe seat
My intention was meant to alert all sectors not to be complacent about Johor people's support to PR in Johor. Let's not take people's support for granted as there is no safe seat in Johor for PR.
I hope we face next GE with the greatest sense of solidarity and determination to win every Johorean's support.
There is no true safe seat for Johor PR and we must unite and buck up for the next GE.
I agree with DAP Secretary Geberal's advice and directive that for any differences there will be internal channels to resolve. I will have all confidence to PR central leadership to resolve any internal differences.
[Statement by Dr Boo Cheng Hau Johor DAP Chairman on recent alert on relationship in Johor PR at Restaurant Cathay, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru at a press conference jointly with Lim Kit Siang on 21 Feb 2013 ]